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Prairie Cloudware's Digital Payments Guardian (DPG) is a powerful gateway that interconnects shopping applications – mobile wallets, banks and emerging token service providers. It is designed to provide financial institutions with the ability to deliver secure, convenient, consumer controlled digital payment services to their customers through their existing digital banking channels.

Digital Payments Guardian Features


The Digital Payments Guardian is provided by a bank or credit union as an extension of their digital banking channel. Branding and marketing of the service is completely controlled by the institution.


DPG eliminates the distributed storage of sensitive payment credentials (in mobile wallets or on websites) and positions the financial institution to help its customers through real-time, strong authentication and token delivery.


DPG allows the customer to manage all payment types from one place including DDA accounts as well as credit, debit, store and gift cards. The customer can use these assets across all digital payment channels.


With DPG, consumers determine their preferred ways to pay using a variety of parameters. Financial institutions can provide value-added services to their customers such as contextual information (e.g., account balance) and alerting.


DPG allows banks and credit unions to access and control all data associated with their customers and their activities. Accessing this data can allow financial institutions to personalize value-added services and offers made to the customer.


Because the DPG is delivered within a virtual private cloud environment, time to market and return on investment are accelerated and financial institutions have a viable strategy for keeping pace with continuing innovations in the digital payments space.

What if your institution could go to market with a digital payments option you control?

Apple Pay has reignited the discussion around the adoption of digital payments. But Apple Pay is only part of the story and the digital payments industry itself is still in its infancy when it comes to getting consumers to buy in to the vision many companies tout. We believe the future of digital payments belongs to the banks and credit unions.

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This Is Not Our First Rodeo

With 400 years of payments experience, we have seen the industry go through many cycles of changes. We have served leading financial institutions as members of blue chip FinTech firms such as ACI Worldwide, FDR, S1 and TD Ameritrade.

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